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right flooring for your room

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

I recently finished up a remodeling project in my own house on Bainbridge Island–a new rec room/home theater complete with a projector and wood stove. The toughest decision we made was regarding the flooring. Ultimately we chose to go with bamboo flooring based on price, suitability and the kind of look we wanted to achieve. Reflecting on this decision, I realize how difficult it is for many to decide because the number of options and the range of choices can truly be overwhelming. My best advice is for you to write down your likes and dislikes about floors you’ve seen. You need to think about things like children and pets and know what can happen when you combine them with the wrong texture of carpet or a wood that’s too soft. Then there is the issue of padding and how that contributes to the overall look and especially the feel of the final outcome. On top of this, the color of the walls and furniture can affect the color of the carpet. Did you know this? I do now. Let me tell you more about it–call or email me and I’ll share what I know.

Laminated flooring

Monday, March 29th, 2010

“Laminate flooring—for better or for worse?” You may ask yourself. In my opinion, laminate flooring can be a very good idea, depending on your situation. It looks authentic, but much more workable than real wood or carpeting.

For people with pets (particularly dogs) it is a must. Dogs can easily scratch hardwood flooring with their toenails. Dog booties may work for some go-with-the-flow kinds of canines, but as everyone knows, not all dogs like the confined feeling of little squishy shoes on their paws. Therefore, laminate is the best decision.
Hardwood flooring is beautiful—but quite expensive. It is easily scraped, ruined, or stained. For families with small children, hardwood flooring can be damaged.