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Bathroom Accessories

Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Bathroom’s get old fast, but do they really? Instead of fully remodeling their bathrooms, many Bainbridge Island homeowners are cutting corners (and costs) by replacing accessories such as light fixtures, towels, and towel bars. Adding a splash of paint to the walls with a new, fresh color will make a tremendous difference. Choosing matching towels, shower curtains or a new sliding shower door, a floor rug will further your bathroom makeover. Sometimes you can even purchase the accessories first, and then choose a paint color to match what you purchased. Out of all the self-help remodels out there, a bathroom remodel is the most do able and makes a tremendous impact on the overall look and feel of the home.

Entering Home Entries

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Nothing is more disheartening than a beautiful home with a shabby, worn entry leading up to the front door. Many homeowners are unaware that with only minimal effort, a battered entryway can be transformed into a grand one. If you have a concrete walk or driveway leading to your home, choosing to add a brick border can sometimes be an amazing choice. To accentuate the driveway or walkway, stain or paint your porch a light color and paint your front door the same color as the walk–ask me to send you some pictures of work we’ve done on homes on Bainbridge Island.

Curb Appeal

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

If you want your house to look good fast–a quick, easy makeover will do the job. Clean the front of your home thoroughly and replace anything even remotely dated. Stain or paint the porch, and when touching up on your house paint, make sure you choose two strong, contrasting colors. If your home is deprived of shade or trees, purchase the largest tree available and have it professionally installed. Other simple, cost effective improvements many people are choosing nowadays are sod and hardscaping. If your lawn is choked with weeds, re-sodding makes a big impact with a little effort. Mulched or graveled walkways through the garden, or leading from the porch to the driveway immediately give a property a refined, new look. I have seen the smallest changes make the biggest difference for many Bainbridge Island homes.

How to Clean up your Mudroom

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Do you have a mudroom you just despise walking through? It doesn’t have to be that way. More and more people are choosing to remodel their mudrooms. During cold, rainy winter days, mudrooms often resemble a pigsty. Shoes litter the floor, coats fall off their pegs and the smell of dampness reaches everywhere. The best way to go about organizing your mudroom is by building cubbies, shoe racks or a storage bench. A sink is an important edition to help in avoiding tracking mud into the house. A good design will make all the difference and the cost can be much lower than you might expect if we plan and budget together.

Increasing the Value of your Home

Sunday, February 10th, 2013

Home improvement is not only for your own enjoyment; it’s money security. You can increase the value of your home substantially with simple upgrades such as a bathroom remodel or adding/converting extra space into a family room or a den. Long days are stressful; many people look forwards to spending their evening soaking in a hot bath. Why not add a bathtub? Regardless of plummeting home values, even a small home improvement can increase the resale value of a home, and many homeowners across the country are deciding to take this first step towards a better longterm financial future. I have worked with Bainbridge Island homeowners on hundreds of painting and remodeling projects ranging from minor to major. When it came time for them to sell, the effort we put in for them paid off.

Staying Green while your Money Recedes

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

As global warming ensues Bainbridge Islanders like their counterparts the world over find themselves wanting to do their part to conserve energy. However, many do not know how to go about doing so. A growing percentage of my Bainbridge Island painting and remodeling customers are investing in the Ryobi Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer. This useful tool assists them in measuring surface temperatures and identifying regions where their homes are missing insulation or getting damaged by air leaks. An air leak will typically account for around 30% of an average energy bill. Just taking this step alone is one of the greatest steps you can take to improve your home and significantly cut the costs of your monthly bill. We’ve spent some time this winter helping customers around Bainbridge Island replace insulation and save themselves money.

Working with a Contractor you Trust

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Many-a-time, I get calls from frightened customers who’ve had negative experiences with a contractor. It is crucial to hire a contractor who’s work you respect, but one you trust and are familiar with. For business to be a pleasant experience, the client, as well as the contractor must feel heard and respected. Not only does this put both parties at ease, but a trusted contractor is an efficient contractor. You can go about finding someone you trust by interviewing them as you might interview a job applicant, an employee or your daughter’s suitor. Do not be shy to ask questions.You can get a sense of somebody through a phone call, but oftentimes the best way to find the right contractor for you is to meet in person.

A Bathroom Remodeling Tip

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

In the many bathroom remodels I’ve undertaken on Bainbridge Island, there have arisen numerous conversations and even debates about just how important bathroom lighting can be. There are people who only consider aesthetics and forget about functionality.
In the case of having two sinks side by side, It is an absolute necessity to have two lights–a light over each sink. One center light simply will not do, since you will be able only to see one side of your face whilst shaving, grooming or applying makeup making for some very curious grooming outcomes.

cost vs. usage

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Last week I went to give an estimate for an interior painting project. The client was so impressed by our web site and our testimonials that she decided to show me the unfinished basement in her house. She asked me to come up with some ideas to finish the basement on a tight budget but with the intent of gaining it back when they sell the house in a few years.. I used an analogy to make sure she got the picture. It is called cost per usage. Lets say you spend $10,000 on a master bathroom remodel. Since you use the bathroom many times during a day you will appreciate all the comfort and functionality that a desirable bathroom provides. Think of it in terms of heated tile floors or frameless shower glass door with a tile shower instead of fiberglass vs. spending the same amount of money on a guest room which is mostly unused except for a few guests a couple times a year. The $10,000 per usage in bathroom would be a better choice ($10,000 divided by number of times some one takes a shower, uses the toilet or the sink and the mirror). A $10,000 guest room upgrade is not going to pay for itself as much. Basically it should come to the simple question of what you would like to see in return for your money, time and the inconvenience having people working in your house.
Any money you spend on a master bedroom, bathroom or kitchen will pay you back since these are the high usage areas on each house .

right flooring for your room

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

I recently finished up a remodeling project in my own house on Bainbridge Island–a new rec room/home theater complete with a projector and wood stove. The toughest decision we made was regarding the flooring. Ultimately we chose to go with bamboo flooring based on price, suitability and the kind of look we wanted to achieve. Reflecting on this decision, I realize how difficult it is for many to decide because the number of options and the range of choices can truly be overwhelming. My best advice is for you to write down your likes and dislikes about floors you’ve seen. You need to think about things like children and pets and know what can happen when you combine them with the wrong texture of carpet or a wood that’s too soft. Then there is the issue of padding and how that contributes to the overall look and especially the feel of the final outcome. On top of this, the color of the walls and furniture can affect the color of the carpet. Did you know this? I do now. Let me tell you more about it–call or email me and I’ll share what I know.