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Roof Maintenance

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Roof maintenance is a service we added this year. Our customers are so appreciative of the concept of preventive roof care when they compare what it costs them once a versus having to install a new roof. people should think about caring for the roof in the same manner they think of scheduling regular oil changes so as not to have to pay for a major engine overhaul.
Roof cleaning should be done once or twice a year depending of the location of the house, the number of the trees on the property and the distance of the trees to the house. We don’t recommend pressure washing the roof which is what so many companies choose to do. It is not good for the roof and can often damage it .

Moss grows fast on roofs and it will damage it if left there-especially on asphalt roofs which are common on the Peninsula. I have cleaned moss off of roofs and beneath the moss are holes in the shingles. Plan on scheduling a cleaning in the Fall and mid Spring are the times when the moss build up is the worst. I will never recommend pressure washing the roof. In the last few months we have cleaned shingle roofs and applied sealer and moss killer products after the clean up to save our customers money in the long run.