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No Job Too Small

Friday, January 15th, 2010

As the exterior painting season came to an end on Bainbridge Island and the rest of the North West, we got busy with interior painting thanks to the great buzz out there about the kind of work we do. Almost half of these interior projects we’re currently working on one day painting jobs and we don’t mind that at all. Many home owners prefer to do the painting themselves to save money on the labor part of the project. We understand that and sometimes it does make sense to do the labor yourself as long as you don’t take risks. Our last three jobs involved painting high walls and hard to reach places. The clients saved money by doing the easy reachable places themselves and leaving the rest for us. In only one case did we have to redo the client’s attempt at painting because there was simply too much disparity between our professional touch and her rookie brush. In the end she was thrilled with our willingness to work with her to save money and our concern about her trying to operate on a 16 foot ladder. Don’t take the risk of falling. Talk to us—we’ll find a way to work with you.