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In a Pinch and on a Budget

Monday, July 13th, 2009

I was reading a home improvement magazine (This Old House I think) about a family with an extremely tight deadline for remodeling their tired-looking kitchen. Their daughter was getting married, and she wanted the reception in her house. They knew immediately that the 228 square foot kitchen wouldn’t cut it. The kitchen was linked to the family room, which made it even more difficult to fix. The designer opened up the kitchen by removing the peninsula and adding a large bay window above the sink. Charming built-ins and tons of creamy white paint made the kitchen feel even roomier. The bay window had caused an incredible amount of sunlight to pour through, brightening up the the beautified kitchen. A hutch was built into the dining-area, with smooth, cherry counters. The finishing touch was the raised snack bar on the cherry wood island masking the relentlessly used cook-top. Golden Beach granite counters replaced the outdated terracotta. All it took was some vision and a reliable designer and a good remodeling partner.

Curb Appeal

Friday, July 10th, 2009

I am approached by a lot of people selling their homes on Bainbridge Island. They want information on the things they can do for a low price that will bring realtors and potential buyers to their home. I remind them that they have to step back and look at their home as if they were buying it all over again. Nothing will keep realtors and buyers at the curbside more than a poorly maintained home. Before contemplating major remodeling, they should start upgrades on the exterior first–roof, gutters, fascia boards, front door, garage doors and driveway. If they correct any existing or potential problems in these areas, they will at least have a shot of getting a prospect in the door while keeping spending down.

Upgrade and Update

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

Painting is an inexpensive way to give a room a complete facelift. However, in my work around Bainbridge Island I have noticed that lack of surface preparation is the most common mistake I encounter. The taping, caulking and sanding is just as important as selecting a great color. I can tell when a room was painted without the proper prep work. The lines and trim are wavy, not crisp and precise. The finish just looks wrong and a lot of times I have seen the previous color shining through. A bad paint job is indeed noticeable. As many people around Bainbridge Island prepare their homes for sale they need to heed my advice: A bad paint job is noticeable; if the walls require extensive prep work, hire a professional.