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Bathroom Transforms

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009

I walked into the bathroom. It had potential, but it definitely needed some work. The woman who hired me had absolutely no idea what she wanted the bathroom to look like, except for the fact she couldn’t stand looking and the ugly, brown, laminated flooring and stained fiberglass tub/shower any longer. I suggested that what they needed was a cast iron bathtub with a tiled shower. For the floor, the best solution was a rustic, rich, tan Marazzi tile with Sun Touch heated flooring.

Immediately, the family loved what we were saying. They were very open to my suggestions and ideas, and they always used my input. The tile ended up being even more beautiful than the customers had ever hoped. Underneath the old floor, the previous owner of the house had laid down linoleum. The family that hired me chose low-cost laminated flooring, which was a step-up from the dated linoleum.

Once our team put in the bathtub, the husband and wife realized this change was a very good one. The contrast between the tiled floor and the tub set of an elegance that amazed them.

We used Daltiles for the inside of the shower. We filled in the crevices with antique white grout, an ideal touch to go with the pearly tile. Finally, we installed the sliding glass doors and painted the walls a creamy dandelion color with Sherwin-Williams paint. The ordinary bathroom had been transformed.