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Budget vs. Actual Cost

Monday, January 5th, 2009

I was at the local bank a few days and one of the staff who knows my business asked if I would like to bid on his home bathroom tile remodeling project. I gladly accepted his offer and we will meet soon.
If you are considering such a project for this winter, I’ll tell you what I plan to tell him when we meet: Your first thought should be COST vs. BUDGET.
On my last visit to Silverdale I stopped by one of the flooring stores and I noted the vast price range on tiles. The cost of labor is a big factor so if you are considering a tiling project make sure to have a budget in mind. I can help you with ideas on design (and I’ve worked on some major bathroom transformations) but just remind yourself that once in place, you’ll be looking at this design several times a day for many years to come. You need to like it.