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Friday, November 28th, 2008

I met a successful real estate agent in Kirkland last week. After talking about the current market (locally and nationally) he asked me if I have been doing any interior painting for the houses about to go on the market. To his surprise I said ,”not really.”He was very surprised and he explained to me that every time he meets with sellers he suggests that they change the colors of the interior if they are not what he called “natural colors” –colors that appeal to any taste. Most houses have lots of personal colors from the former occupants.He said that sometimes agents advise their clients not to change and refresh the interior paint and instead offer painting incentives and deduct the cost of the paint job from the house price. He was against this strategy since many people (buyers) can not visualize their favorite color instead of the current color. Additionally the condition of the interior may be also a “turn off” to a potential buyer. He told me a fresh and natural color may not be the buyers’ choice but for sure it will not break a deal. However a color a prospective buyer may consider loud or distasteful could very likely cause a short tour of that property.

Self Education

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008

Last week we were working at a condo on Madrona Way NE Ave. The next door neighbor
asked me to look at her condo and see if I could help her with some chipped
tiles in her bathroom. She thought the tile had not been installed properly,
causing chipping right at the edge where two tiles come together at a 90
degree to create an edge. She’d had the work done only a few years ago. I
told her that the installer should have used bull-nose tiles instead of
regular edge tiles for that section of the bathroom. A very simple mistake
which will cost her to fix.
As home owners we need to educate ourselves. Make a trip to the local
library. I love the Bainbridge Library especially when it comes to
researching landscape designs or deck designs. I get ideas looking at books
on bathroom tiles and frame-less (seam-less) shower doors. We all should do our homework.

The downside to DIY

Monday, November 24th, 2008

I was at a small gathering last weekend and an old associate of mine I hadn’t seen in many months asked if I’d be interested in finishing a “half done painting project”. Apparently she and her sister had started painting the bathroom and the master bedroom a few months ago but ran to a few problems with the wall and ceiling texture. The project has not moved forward for weeks. Her husband is not pleased looking at the paint buckets and rollers every day, and her sister no longer has time to help because of the approaching holidays. I told her that I’d be more than happy to help them to bring this
saga to an end. We scheduled for later this week, and we’ll wrap up this problem in a few days. The price was right. She told me that painting is easy (I am not sure about that) I do know it is better to think twice on any do-it-yourself project if there is any chance you wont have the time to do it right. I think that goes for any project from blowing leaves and cleaning the gutters to trying to tile your own bathroom floor. Spending weeks looking at the tools and materials strewn about and to have the stress of knowing you need to get to it but can’t is a higher price in stress than your body and mind should have to pay.

Tile Bathroom floor and Tile shower

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Recently we finished a bathroom project on the Island. We replaced an old white fiberglass shower (It was actually more of a cream color due to age and filth) with a beautiful earth tone tile. We built a shower pan and finished it with frameless glass. I used three different color tiles for the shower walls and darker tile and grout for the floor. We suggested heated floors for the bathroom (around the toilet and in front of the vanity) floor.
Imagine feeling the warmth beneath your feet from a beautiful easy to clean tile floor right before the morning shower. You can set up the timer to turn ON the floor heater half an hour before your alarm clock goes OFF and turn the floor heater OFF when you leave the house for work. Talk about saving energy and money. This is why I LOVE my job. I told this story to a friend at the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce member luncheon today. Surpassing customer expectations and knowing they’ll thank me in their minds for years to come makes me work hard at what I do.

An alternative to white trim

Monday, November 17th, 2008

It is a great idea to go with a dark cream or light tan instead of white on exterior paint. I was looking at some of the houses in North Town woods and Erikson and this combination is beautiful. It is easier on the eyes and gives a warm affect– a kind of harmony instead of a striking contrast.

Fall Painting

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

It seems that every call I get is from homeowners wanting to freshen up the paint before relatives arrive for the holidays. I’ve been telling them all to look at the C2 Fall Collection–I’m impressed with the color selection.

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